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Body Positive Advocate and Inner Beauty Blogger Annie Vazquez will host the Full Moon “Glow-UP” Event

Sazoneros! Happy 2020 to all of my readers! I know it's been a while since I write a post but if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@SussetCabrera), then you've probably seen my share news about my #FullMoonGlowUP event series. Last year, I founded this monthly event series through my company Peacock Public Relations. My first event took place in August at the Coral Gables Museum and the series quickly grew in popularity amongst my friends and local movers and shakers! I decided to re-launch the series with 10 events in 2020. The first event will happen on Saturday, February 8th, at the Coral Gables Museum and it will be hosted by my fabulous friend Annie Vazquez, Founder of Annie the Alchemist Store, Body Positive Advocate and Inner Beauty Wellness Blogger via

Every month, the full moon emits a powerful energy. Since the effects are typically felt up to two weeks after the full moon phase, it’s the perfect opportunity to align the mind, body and spirit…