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Chinese Lantern Festival "Luminosa" coming to Jungle Island in Miami

Sazoneros! I hope you've all enjoyed your summer and are ready to welcome the fall season (even though we all know it's technically still summer weather in Miami). Well, I've come across a fabulous event so I'd love to share it with you today! From October 5th until January 8th, 2020, Jungle Island will light up your life with the debut of ‘Luminosa: Chinese Lantern Festival.’ Hundreds of silk-made lanterns in Miami-themed shapes, and one million LED lights will light 13 acres of this magical journey. Talk about dreamy and soooo Instagram worthy!

Historically the Chinese Lantern Festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year, as people are preparing to let go of their past and welcome the new; a tradition that dates back approximately 2,000 years, to the Eastern Hans Dynasty. Jungle Island is promising guests with surprises and delights at every turn, from a life-sized demure cassowary to a sea of glowing jellyfish. Everything is illuminated! Luminosa puts a "Magic…