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Review: Lea Black's Skin Care Collection

Sazoneros ! I hope you've been having a great start to the New Year! Since most of you are probably looking for ways to improve your beauty regime this year, I thought I'd share a wonderful skin care collection that I recently discovered. Most of you may know Lea Black from Bravo's Real Housewives of Miami but Mrs. Black is a thriving author and entrepreneur who developed an awesome anti-aging skin care collection along with an array of beautifully bedazzled handbags and accessories. Check out one of her gorgeous clutches in the image above as well as a few of the products I recently tried at home. From Lea's anti-aging serum to her easy-to-use sudden youth facial kit , it's been a fun way to kick up my anti-aging strategies now that I'm entering my beloved thirties! You may be surprised to know that Mrs. Black created her exclusive facial kit in 1984 and since then, its become the top selling combination for women across the country. A luxurious facial masq