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"Tide by Side" inaugurates the Faena District Miami Beach

Sazoneros! It's getting closer to Art Basel so I hope you're making a list of your favorite fairs and events around Miami. Today, I wanted to share a free Faena Art processional performance called Tide by Side which will take place from3-6pm on Sunday, November 27. There's no RSVP required so gather up your friends and head down to the beach!
Directed by Claire Tancons in collaboration with Gia Wolff and Arto Lindsay, the processional will feature local and international artists, and will bring Faena District to life by celebrating the power of community, ritual and urban space. With float-like piñatas and pelicans, a conga in reverse, an intricate food ceremony with a menu drawn from seven of South Florida’s historic staples (maize, sweet potato, pineapple, palm cabbage, conch, turkey, alligator), food trucks, and a vibrant soundtrack by Arto Lindsay featuring conch-shell players, rah-rah bands, steel-drum groups, marching bands, as well as classical and pop choirs and ope…