Sanrio hosts their "Small Gift Miami" Exhibition and brings Art Basel to a whole new level!

Sanrio is celebrating their 50th Year Anniversary during Art Basel so make sure to catch your favorite characters and the coolest art exhibits before 7 p.m. today! On Thursday, December 2nd, I attended their opening night party with my girlfriends. We loved every second of this "Hello Kitty Heaven" [like my friend Maria called it]. Sanrio completely transformed a warehouse in Miami's Wynwood Art District to provide Hello Kitty fans with a full fledged 50th Anniversary Bash! Here are some fun photos from the night:

After checking out the Sanrio Smart Cars on our way into the event, we couldn't help but notice the incredible history behind Sanrio. Small Gift Miami actually features a 35-foot wall with a time line of characters (pictured above). Did I mention that my friends and I marveled over the Hello Kitty chandeliers throughout the ceiling?

Here's a sample of the incredible works of art on display.

My friends and I enjoying Sanrio's Small Gift Miami Art Exhibition and pop-up store. To learn more about Sanrio's upcoming city tours, visit

The event features two tattoo parlors. Guests who stroll through Small Gift Miami can receive a free Sanrio tattoo if they are interested. Check out that painting of "The Last Supper"...Sanrio style!

Happy 50th Anniversary to Sanrio and Hello Kitty!!!! Here's a fun video I shot to capture the scene during the event in Miami...