Cafeina's "A Nightmare on 23rd Street" along with Hostess & Guest DJ, Elaine Lancaster

Last night, I attended an amazing Halloween bash at Cafeina Wynwood Lounge in Miami's Art District. Cafeina is a really cool hot spot my friends. It is a multi-room lounge and art gallery. Did I mention it also has an outdoor garden area with beautiful sofas and bars. Their Halloween event was called "A Nightmare on 23rd Street" and it was hosted by Miami's hottest Drag Queen, Elaine Lancaster (pictured above). This ultra fabulous "Miami Housewife" is also a DJ! It was one of the funnest night's ever! Throughout the evening, guests were treated to complimentary SOCO shots every time Freddy Kreuger's theme song would play. Talk about a TREAT! If you want to check out Cafeina, check out their Facebook Page for upcoming events or log onto their website.

Top Right: Yours truly along with Elaine Lancaster!

Top Right: Smokin' cocktails..."oh so tasty!!!"

Top: Enjoying the outdoor garden with my Vampire!!

Top: The coolest bartenders...period!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun night: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


  1. We will be at a Cruising altitude of 39,000 Feet on Our Way to London this Afternoon....Your Purser in FIRST Class is Elaine & she advises you to stay in your seat and read a book or take a Xanax and pass OUT.
    We Do NOT accept CASH anymore... because the "In Flight" Crew are a bunch of lying thieves & Can NOT be trusted, so Credit Cards ONLY...First Class, We will SERVICE You shortly....Please DO NOT attempt to bother ELAINE or ring your Flight Attendant Button Unless You are Dying...The Pilot & his COCKPIT Crew will be drinking and having a good time, so if we experience a Few BUMPS along the way, You will Understand.......As Always....Thank You for Paying Extra for your luggage, a Window or Aisle Seat...& the Lady in 39F it has been brought to our attention the Perfume You Doused Yourself in this morning smells like Cat Pee according to fellow passengers, so once Airborne Please go wash that shit Off.Okay here we go,
    Thank You for Flying TRANNYair....


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