Unilever unveils their Newest Products: Read my Top 5 favorite goodies you should try at home!

Everyone loves to feel absolutely fabulous in their own skin! Last night, I attended an intimate dinner event hosted by Unilever for bloggers in Miami. During the evening, the company introduced us to their newest collection of products and informed us about the latest technologies they have developed for consumers worldwide. After trying out the products they provided me with, I have chosen my top 5 favorites which I thought I would share:

New Vaseline Sheer Infusion: Ladies! This is not your typical moisturizer by any means. If you want to feel silky without feeling sticky (something we have to watch out for in Miami's humidity!), you should try this new body lotion. It is designed to penetrate down to your third layer of skin! This is the first of its kind in the skin care market. Vaseline Sheer Infusion has two times more moisture than other lotions you may find in stores. Today, I let my mom try it and I ended up driving to the store to get her a bottle of her own!

Dove MEN+CARE Collection: Here's one for my male readers! Dove officially introduced their first-ever product line specifically created for men. Each product aim to make men feel comfortable in their own skin. In other words, guys no longer have to feel embarrassed every time they use girly body washes! Dove MEN+CARE is dermatologist recommended and clinically proven to fight skin dryness without irritation. Bottom line: men can now use skin care products that are made just for them. Plus, the soaps smell fresh and clean (in a manly sort of way).

Dove's Ultimate Go Fresh Deodorants: I was blown away by this new assortment of deodorants and body splashes. With four fruity scents to choose from, each deodorant is built with natural extract ingredients to minimize the look and feel of underarm hair over time. Did you just read what I wrote? Say goodbye to ingrown hairs and say hello to smooth skin in your underarm area. Ladies, you can thank me later!

Dove's MEN+CARE Active Clean Shower Tool:
For those men who venture and get their own body wash, you'll need something with which to scrub! You'll be happy to know that Dove has launched a tool for men who are looking to replace those funny looking luffa sponges found in most stores. For $3.99, this handy tool scrubs by using one side and lathers with the other.

Sunsilk's Captivating Curls Line:
Sunsilk has recently co-created a line of hair products along with French hairstylist, Teddy Charles. Teddy is one of the leading hairstylists in the fashion industry and he knows exactly how to control our curls by adding definition while minimizing frizz. If you purchase the shampoo, you'll learn that each bottle contains Rosemary and Chamomile to smooth hair each time you shower. It's definitely hard to find a shampoo that tames wild curly hair. Try this product for yourself and feel free to leave me your feedback on this post.

There you have it! My Top 5 favorite Unilever products. Since Unilever premiered all of their new collections in December 2009, you can shop for these items at your local food and drug stores as well as most major retailers. For a complete list of products or to learn more about Unilever, visit http://www.unilever.com/. Have fun trying these innovative products and remember to comment below! xoxo


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